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Automobile Test Line

Automobile Test Line

Automobile test equipment is mainly to test automobile safety, performance and environmental protection
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Automobile test equipment is mainly to test automobile safety, performance and environmental protection

This automobile car test equipment is 3Tons. including necessary testing items for cars as below: 

1. Speedometer :  to check whether the speedometer of the car is accurate

2. axle load inspection platform 

3. Automobile brake test bench:  Mainly test the performance of the brake

4. Light detector:  mainly measures light intensity and light deviation

5. Automobile skid test bench : to measure wheel deviation during straight-line driving

5. Horn sound level meter

6. Exhaust gas detection : to measures the pollution of exhaust gas


Motorcycle/Tricycle Test Line

Motorcycle/Tricycle testing line: Automated line for testing Motorcycle/Tricycle safety, performance and environmental protection .including necessary testing items for motorcycle as below: 

1.Axle weight: Load distribution of motorcycle on each axis.

2. Wheel alignment:The front wheel offset to the left or right due to the deviation of the front and rear wheel alignment of the motorcycle

3.Brake test: The braking force of the wheel when the brake is not applied, the left (right)   wheel braking force of each axis and their sum and difference account for the   percentage of the axle load

4.Speedometer:The actual speed value when the speedometer indicates 40Km/H

5.Headlamp:Luminous intensity and optical axis deviation

6. Exhaust gas: To test Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon in the exhaust gas

7.Horn test:To test horn loudness



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