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Automatic painting coating line

Automatic painting coating line

This automatic painting line can do painting for tricycle cargo,frame, motorcycle frame ect,and is customerzied according to by your metal parts specifics. Process is simple including load, the pretreatment, painting, drying, cooling, unload.
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This fully automatic spray painting coating line is suitable for painting and plastic spraying on the surface of workpiece.It is mostly used for the painting of single work part or small batches of workpiece.The coating line is combined with the transportation machinery such as hanging conveyors,electric rail trolley and ground conveyors to form transportation operations.

The painting coating line is mainly  including pre-treatment equipment,painting spray equipment,oven,heat source system,electronic control system, suspension conveyor chain
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Technical process of  fully automatic spray painting coating line (Can also by your requirements)

Loading  Pre-Treatment(Dipping, spraying)→ ED coating → Automatic painting(Manual repair) →Levelling(8-10mints)→ Curing

(180℃-220℃/15-30mints) →Cooling(Naturally) →Unloading

This fully automatic spray painting coating line can do painting for tricycle cargo, frame, motorcycle frame and so on.It is customized according to by your metal parts specifics

Photos below shows the spray painting coating line in Serbia

spray painting coating line.jpg

Photos below shows the motorcycle frame painting coating line in Bengal

motorcycle painting coating line.jpg


Q:What Equipment Does ZHENGCHENG MECHANICAL Offer ?

A:We are engaged in the manufacture and sales of automatic car assembly line,  motorcycle assembly line ,tricycle assembly line, bicycle assembly line,tractor assembly line,engine assembly line,TV laptop assembly line,air conditioner assembly line, automatic coating line to meet customers’ different demands.

Q:Can You Send Engineer To Install And Debug Your Equipment For Us?

A:We can offer on-site installation and debugging by providing an experienced erection supervisor. Our engineers have erected assembly line all over the world and we will bring the equipment to full performance before handover.

QIs There Any Guarantee For Your Equipment?

A:Yes, our machines are warranted for 12 months against any manufacturing defects. Within the warranty period, we will replace the defective parts caused by machines’ quality free of charge and you only pay the shipping charges. At the same time, we will provide customers with lifetime technical support. And training service on the operation of machines will also be provided for customers by us.

Q:What Is The Delivery Time For Your Equipment?

A:It is decided by the complexity of the assembly line you order. Generally, we will start manufacturing once you place the order. it takes about 35-40 days to finish the assembly line.


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