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RGV assembly conveyor line

RGV assembly conveyor line

Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV),also called "travel shuttle car.".It is often used in all kinds of high-density storage three-dimensional warehouses. The trolley lanes can be designed to be arbitrarily long according to the needs, and no other equipment is required to enter the roadway when handling and moving goods. The speed is fast and the safety is high, which can effectively improve the operating efficiency of the warehouse system.
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The use of automated logistics and storage warehouses has become more widespread,and (RGV) system was also born. Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) system constitutes of transportation rail, vehicles and controller.It is can be easily connected to other logistics systems, such as outbound/inbound stations, various buffer stations, conveyors, elevators and robots, etc.; transport as planned materials. In addition, Rail Guided Vehicle does not require personnel to operate, and the running speed is fast, thus significantly reducing the workload and labor cost of personnel, and improving labor productivity.

RGV is controlled by distribution control system and can be expanded easily as the system parameter changes. This characteristic cannot be obtained in normal conveyor system

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Application:RGV can be use to transporting in logistics ,motorcycles assembly, tricycles assembly, bicycles assembly ,engines assembly and so on.
RGV assembly conveyors line can be installed linear or ring, basic parameters for your reference




1300mm*880mm*280and   customized.

Load capacity


Running speed


Lifting speed


Lifting Height

Max 750mm and adjustable

Table size(L*W)

1000mm*500mm and   customized.

positional accuracy


Rail material

Special aluminum alloy

Vehicle Wheel material

Polyurethane rubber roller

Photos below shows the Motorcycle RGV assembly line in Argentina

RGV motorcycle assembly.jpg


Q:What Equipment Does ZHENGCHENG MECHANICAL Offer ?

A:We are engaged in the manufacture and sales of automatic car assembly line,  motorcycle assembly line ,tricycle assembly line, bicycle assembly line,tractor assembly line,engine assembly line,TV laptop assembly line,air conditioner assembly line, automatic coating line to meet customers’ different demands.

Q:Can You Send Engineer To Install And Debug Your Equipment For Us?

A:We can offer on-site installation and debugging by providing an experienced erection supervisor. Our engineers have erected assembly li all over the world and we will bring the equipment to full performance before handover.

QIs There Any Guarantee For Your Equipment?

A:Yes, our machines are warranted for 12 months against any manufacturing defects. Within the warranty period, we will replace the defective parts caused by machines’ quality free of charge and you only pay the shipping charges. At the same time, we will provide customers with lifetime technical support. And training service on the operation of machines will also be provided for customers by us.

Q:What Is The Delivery Time For Your Equipment?

A:It is decided by the complexity of the assembly line you order. Generally, we will start manufacturing once you place the order. it takes about 35-40 days to finish the assembly line.


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